Daily Archives: September 23, 2017

Corneal Diagnosis and Treatment

The unit is specialized in corneal diseases in general, keratocouns  in particular, where the center It contains the first device in Jordan for corneal imaging (Galilie) which works to give Topographic images of corneal surface using two different techniques in one that gives more Of accuracy in diagnosis as well […]

Retinal follow up section

The section contains the latest laser devices for retinal treatment (YAG / Argon laser) ‘Ellex’ treatment for diabetes retinopathy and glaucoma intraocular pressure. Avastin / Lucentis eye injection  to treat diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and other retinal disorders

Examination and Diagnosis of Glaucoma

– This section has the latest medical devices, for the analysis  optic nerve and analysis of the visual field ) (Topcon) (Tomy)) – The Center has the best consultants in the field of (glaucoma) and the installation of pressure reduction valves such as AHMED VALVE and MOLTENO VALVE in addition […]

Diagnosis of retinal diseases

The Retinal Section offers advanced and distinctive diagnosis services for multiple retinal diseases including the best topcon 3D imaging instruments (Fluoresce in Angiography) Which provides high-resolution images of the retina, which helps in obtaining accurate diagnosis of the condition and follow up and make comprehensive comparisons to follow the progress […]

Vision Examination

Eye Test. It’s time to have an eyesight test, so let’s visit the eye Doctor. Some of us may have wondered what it means exactly to have an eye examination and who actually performs it. Many of us believe there is a single Specialist who does it all, examines our […]

Our Vision

    To become a place where the patient feels very happy about the medical service he receives and can be more educated about his disease and explore many options for treatment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading international center in the care and treatment of eye disorders, driven by excellence in research and education. Our values drive the approach we take to delivering our strategy and how we will develop our organisation.  They build on the principles within the Deccart […]