{:en}Welcome{:}{:ar}اهلا وسهلا بكم {:}

{:en} Welcome to the International Eye Consultants Center Deccart the International Eye Consultants Center considered a modern and distinguished center established in 2010 in the city of Amman, and under the direction of the retired Colonel Dr. Sami Atta Dassan, founder and director of the Center for Visual Correction in […]

Diagnosis of retinal diseases

The Retinal Section offers advanced and distinctive diagnosis services for multiple retinal diseases including the best topcon 3D imaging instruments (Fluoresce in Angiography) Which provides high-resolution images of the retina, which helps in obtaining accurate diagnosis of the condition and follow up and make comprehensive comparisons to follow the progress […]

{:en}ISO certification{:}{:ar}شهادة الايزو {:}

{:en} The ISO certification is a further proof of the commitment of Center to maintaining our leading position in the medical sector through our high level of service, which is the best and newest in its class.{:}{:ar}يمثل حصولنا على شهادة الآيزو دليلاً جديداً على التزام مركز ديكارت الاستشاري للعيون بالحفاظ […]